Caring for your hair extensions

Washing hair and relieving itch

To prevent the possibility of over drying your new extensions, its recommended to wash your hair every other day to every 2 days unless your hair is prone to being oily (as to which you should only wash the top part of the scalp where the natural hairs are and pull back hair extensions so as to not get them wet). First shampoo can be done approx. 48 hours after initial install. Be sure to ALWAYS blow dry your roots right after your hair has been washed. You want to do this for two reasons: 

1- if water stays trapped in the beads/base of the extensions, it can cause slippage.  

2- if water is trapped at the base, it may not dry out completely and could cause scalp irritation. If you experience any itchy feeling, do NOT scratch with nails- this can cause an infection onto the scalp and cause breakage of natural hair or even hair loss. Best remedy to soothe an itchy scalp: use organic Braggs apple cider vinegar directly onto scalp while in the shower (always make sure to wash hair while standing straight up- bending forward while shampooing can cause tangling) and leave on for approx. 3-5 minutes, then rinse well and follow with regular shampooing/conditioning. Apple cider vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal product and is safe for most skin types (please make sure you do not have allergies to this product before using).

Another great product that can be used daily is “Weave Pro30” scalp spray and can be purchased online via Amazon or at most beauty supply stores. Simply spray this product directly on to the areas that are itching and relief should be almost instant. This product does not have to be washed out and is safe for extensions (be sure to check you are not allergic to ingredients prior to using).



Which hair products are safe to use?

Any products used on your hair extensions should be sulfate-free, alcohol-free and silicone-free in order to avoid damage to your hair extensions.

How to properly brush and detangle hair and hair extensions together

Always detangle hair before and after showering (use detangling cream or spray when hair is wet). Use a proper extensions brush first (regular brushes can catch on to the base of the extensions and rip them out) brushing from roots to tips and then follow up with a comb to detangle the tops of the hair wefts/individuals (if you have individuals, make sure to gently pull the pieces apart from each other and from surrounding natural hair that may be sticking to extension hair or else you will get matting which will cause hair to fall out or break off). Always be sure to detangle with a comb between rows of extensions as well to avoid the regrowth tangling with the extensions and the surrounding natural hair that does not have extensions in them. THIS STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN ORDER TO AVOID THE HAIR FROM MATTING FROM WITHIN.



How often should I maintenance my extensions?

It is crucial to maintenance your hair extensions in order to avoid any matting/tangling and to keep your own hair healthy; if a client opts to come in for a maintenance AFTER the recommended time, it is at his/her own risk- including their liability with damage to natural hair or extension hair and any fees charged by salon in accordance with this action. Here is a list of when you should maintenance (please note: timing varies upon client’s hair type/texture/density, extensions method used and client’s individual rate of natural hair growth (those with “faster” hair growth should come in 1-2 weeks sooner than described below):


*Beaded Individuals (i.e. nanos, i-tips/micro beads and flat-tips

-Fine hair (also for thinner hair and curly hair): due to these types of hair being prone to tangling naturally, its recommended to have the extensions maintenance every 4-5 weeks.

-Medium/coarse texture hair (straight or wavy- curly hair not included): 6 weeks.


*Wefted methods (i.e. tapes, IBE, NBR, etc)

-Fine hair (also for thinner hair and curly hair): due to these types of hair being prone to tangling naturally, its recommended to have the extensions maintenance every 4-5 weeks.

-Medium/coarse texture hair (straight or wavy- curly hair not included): 6 weeks 


*Keratin Fusion and Mago

Keratin fusion and mago extensions are one of the few methods that a client does not “maintenance”. Rather, they will be removed and re-installed. Waiting time to do so is approx. 3-4.5 months. With that said, the client acknowledges from consultation that they are at risk of matting/tangling if not diligent about keeping the extensions and natural hair (including re-growth) detangled and “separated” during this time. Client acknowledges from time of consultation that hair (natural hair) is subject to some tangling and “knots” no matter what when participating in these methods of extensions simply because of the length of time that they remain in the natural hair. Breakage to the natural hair due to the knots/tangling is possible at the time of removal.



When do I need to purchase and install “new” hair?

Lifespan of hair extensions varies from person to person pending on the client’s care of the hair. Average lifespan with proper hair for blonde colors is 3-6 months and darker hair can last up to 10months.

Can I still condition my hair or use heat tools?

Yes, it’s actually recommended that you condition your hair and extensions to prevent drying or split ends. However, do not slather the conditioner into your roots or the base of the extensions because doing so can cause slippage to the extensions. A deep moisturizing conditioner that doesn't contain silicone is recommended. As far as heat tools are concerned, it’s not recommended to use on a setting higher than 350 (Fahrenheit). Its best to use a flat iron on low heat setting (300-350 Fahrenheit) after shampoo/blow-dry in order to seal the cuticle of the extension hair.


Can I still go swimming with extensions?

Absolutely, but there are a few things you should be sure to do first to make sure you don't ruin your new hair. Before going into the water, its strongly suggested to braid your hair into 2 braids (having it in two braids rather than one helps the hair from being able to tangle or matte at the base) and rub in cream leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft down (the cream conditioner will help prevent the chlorine or salt water from penetrating the cuticle of the hair and drying it out). Once out of the water, unbraid the hair, detangle and then wash out with clarifying shampoo (clarifying shampoo cleanses deeper than regular daily shampoo- this product can be found at any reputable beauty store or any of my hair studio locations- be sure to follow with a good conditioner so the hair doesn't dry out. Lastly, spray in a little bit of detangling spray or detangling cream and comb out all tangles (don't forget to blow dry/detangle your roots after so that water doesn't get trapped at the base of the extensions and cause slippage!).


Do extensions hurt?

For the first couple of days after your initial install, it is normal to feel some discomfort but extensions should never "hurt," but they definitely take some getting used to if you are brand new to extensions. If you feel any pain during your install, its best to tell your stylist right away so that they can be loosened before the install is complete.


Can I still pull my hair back if I have extensions?

While the extensions are being installed, they will be placed in a way that will keep your edges free so that you can still style your hair into a ponytail or simple updo. You will be able to check this before you leave the salon. Please note that if you wish to have even more volume to the sides by having the extensions extend out toward the edges, you may not have as much freedom of styling.

You will be asked your preference prior to install.

Can I color or perm or chemically straighten my hair extensions?

The hair provided by me is remy human hair, HOWEVER, the hair is not of virgin quality or virgin color. All hair provided has been chemically processed.  If a client chooses to chemically alter their hair extensions in any way they do so at their own risk. It is never recommended to perform any kind of chemical processing to hair extensions (hair can break, matte, and dry out- amongst other things).

This is why it is so important to purchase the correct color and texture PRIOR to install service.


Effects of hard water/water with minerals and chlorine on hair extensions:

Minerals in shower water (as well as ocean water and chlorine in pool water) have proven to not only dry out hair extensions but can also affect the color of the hair extensions. For blonde extensions, they can leave a “brassy” (pinkish/orange) undertone to blonde hair and can lighten the darker colors (especially reds). Chlorine water can add a greenish undertone to blonde hair and can also lighten the appearance of darker hair extensions (especially reds). To avoid these things from happening please make you’re your shower water has a filter system on it and keep hair out of pool water.